What’s it like to be hyperglycemic?

I want to leave work early tomorrow so I’m gonna way a dickload of pixie sticks for lunch and raise my blood sugar to the max. What should I expect to feel? Can I drive during this time??

amy lynn

If you are not already a diabetic, then it is very likely that you will NOT be able to raise your sugar levels enough to actually experience high blood sugar levels. Your body will kick in and process whatever you are eating to avoid the high sugar level. However, you could eat enough sugar to give yourself a very nasty tummy ache.


You may very well be completely without symptoms. If you really truly want to get off of work early, go to walmart & buy a vial of novalog & some syringes (in Pa. you don't need a script). Go into the bathroom & hit yourself with 30 units or so, & there is a good chance they will take you out in an ambulance.


You're an idiot. Completely. Making light of diabetes is deplorable. If you get it, its basically irreversible and can cause life threatening health consequences. No one in their right mind, wishes for pre diabetic symptoms...you clearly need mental help.


You will feel lightheaded and shaky, I've experience this before, where I drank 4 16 oz bottles of RC cola, I was really shaky and felt very sick to my stomach. Pushing your blood sugar levels to the max like that can increase you chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes, it's never a good idea to do this, so for me I limit myself to 2 sodas a day. And avoid candy and other sugary foods. And by the way, you will experience similar effects with low blood sugar as well. Which I've also experienced as well. So please, if you value your health avoid eating too much sugar, you need some, but too much or too little is unhealthy. And can lead to life long problems like Diabetes. and without insulin you will feel like this all the time and it could kill you.