Do you think my back was injured? My dad tried to physically attack me?

My dad and i got into a fight. I'm assuming I was not severely injured. I'm a girl. Long story short, as we were arguing, he tried to push me against a table. I did not get knocked down or fall down and am not in pain. but my back feels kind of stiff for some reason. I also have been sick for 2 weeks, I got a cold and got my period also, if that info helps determine whether or not I was injured. I was not knocked down or bent or twisted. He pushed me and is stronger than me. How do I know if my back was possibly injued? all I want to know is if you think my back may be injured. i can still walk bend and stand and turn. I'm not in pain but my back feels a bit sore. It may or may not be related..


If your back is in pain, you may have strained your back. You may wish to go to the police or child welfare agency. Please see a doctor. Ask your mum or aunties to help. God bless you. God comforts you.


You can tell if your back is injured, you would be in pain.


you could go see a doctor. and probably report him to the police. he should not be pushing you or assaulting you.