I’m on my period I get really bad back and stomach aches and my dad decides that I’m complaining and causing drama?

Basically i was in the kitchen and just walking around and stretching thinking it might ease some of the pain (I was wrong and i made it worse -_-) and my dad decides that I’m causing drama and that if others can handle it then so could I! but the thing is you can’t compare this type of thing!! People deal with this stuff differently for example, some might just get really bad cramps and other might just have back ache! Or non at all. I just wish he would stop making fun of me *sighs*


Start taking ibuprofen a few days before you expect your period to begin. This will help hugely. Try a couple at bedtime for three nights, and then you can take more on the day your period begins, though no more than 6 in 24 hours. While it's true that different women have different experiences, a pre-period ibuprofen regimen usually keeps discomfort to a minimum. If it doesn't, see a doctor, because you might have a medical issue. But there's no point in complaining when you can do something about it.


do you take anything for it? try aleve. advil is also an option. ideally start taking it a few days before you start when i was a teen it would get so bad I would be curled up on the floor, i couldn't push through it for a day.


I'm a father who raised 4 daughters and I know you're right about it being different with each girl. My wife had a talk with me back then to help me understand girls have problems differently and I need to have a little compassion. Maybe have your mom explain it to your dad.

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Bioplasdma@ the max rate on label for 2weeks, should help the back ...is a start....

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Then stop an advertising it and complaining. Just because you hurt does not mean you need to tell everyone


People deal with this stuff differently, correct. Different levels of pain and all that jazz. Your dad has known you your entire life, and has already formed his opinions on whether or not you are a drama queen. That is where his thoughts and actions come from, your own history as he see's it. You will get no where trying to explain any of this crap to him, his mind is made up. So you don't, if you are on the more serious side of things, then you speak to your doc about what if any options you have, to mitigate the impact. Then, you stop complaining about it round your dad. We tend to not want excuses nor whining about crap.