Is $6,000 too much for a hearing aid?


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I think amazon at a hundred is a bargain.......


It's a lot but they are hella expensive these days. The $6000 ones come with a lot more technology than the cheaper ones. The expensive ones can come with blue tooth options, excellent background noise reduction, variable programming and more. Look it up


Yes. For that price you should get a set of good ones.


That's what my mother in law paid, but she got a really nice one that was recommended by her doctor. I know my mom paid much less, but hers wasn't very good and she refuses to use it, so the more expensive one may be worth the money, depending upon the features, comfort, and the person's needs.


still way too much

Kaiser Wilhelm

Only if it is not more advanced, reliable, easy to use, longer lasting than the rest, or having been made in the USA.


This is for the person that posted this question on the internet. Before you purchase a hearing aid go on eBay and write the word hearing aids you will find hearing aids for under $1,000 some as cheap as $100 pick one of them try it if it doesn't work you can return it!


IMHO, yes, way too much.