Is my mom being reasonable?

At my school we have an athletic trainer there for when people get injured no big deal, but the other day he put a heating pad on my leg and gave me a 2nd degree burn by accident. I forgave him because all people make mistakes. Now tomorrow I have to see him again for rehab on my calf and my mom wants to go because she says he’s apparently not qualified if he burns people and wants to go and speak to him because she thinks that I’m in harm’s way. I have told her before that I’ve visited his office on multiple occasions to get wrapped or taped and she’s insisting that she has never heard about him before. So now I can’t loosen the tight calf and she expects me to practice. I pulled it last week from it being so tight and I feel I need to see a trainer now before I actually tear anything. It’s not just me and him in a room by ourselves either, then I would understand, but there are always at least 5-6 people in a room. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal now. I’m over the burn already it happened. Why does my mom have to make a big deal about it and it happened a little less than a week ago?

A Hunch

If the heating pad was placed on you and you immediately developed the burns, the individual is not qualified to be an athletic trainer. Why would you want them working on other body parts that you could potentially be more seriously injured? You and your mom should make sure the program that you attend know this occurred. If it happened at school, make sure the athletic director and principal know. Ask your mom to get you treatment from a licensed physical therapist. If the heating pad was on you a few seconds or more before the burns developed, you are just as responsible as the athletic trainer.

Pearl L

she just dont want to see you get burned so she wants to talk to hinn about it


get to a doctor as a calf problem could be a blood clot which is very dangerous same symptoms as a pulled muscle or strain any one that burns your skin is not qualified


Honestly I think your being unreasonable. Although he’s human and he makes mistakes, I’d be so upset. I get burns like that at work and they leave scars. Sure you might not like your mother being over proctective but how would you feel if your child came home with that burn? I’d just see him in secret if I were you, and you genuinely trust and need his help.