Male groin pain after sports?

Hey guys, I'm 24 years old. I've been playing sports my whole life and I would consider myself lean and in shape. Sometimes after playing intense sport activies such as basketball, football, soccer, running, roller blading, swimming, I have very sharp pain in the groin region the NEXT morning. It's like a sore but sharp pain. It happens on either or side. Not specifically to one side. Once I sit down, it's painful to stand up and walk properly without limping until my groin muscle has "stretched out or warmed up". This lasts about 1-2 weeks and then goes back to normal, no pain at all. Happens occasionally after playing intense sports. After doing research, Im guessing the symptoms are showing its called sports hernia. Does anyone have advice on what to do? Should I get an MRI? Thanks.


Hmm... because it's reoccurring and you say it's a sharp pain, I would think you should go to a doctor and get an MRI if that is what he recommends. However, because you say it goes away when you 'warm up' and also because it does go away for some time without any rest from physical activity (I'm assuming). It may not be serious at all though. If going to the doctor and getting an MRI is an issue for you, maybe you can try taking a break from physical activities for two weeks and see if it helps. Put ice on the area often and take anti-inflammatory medicine if you need to.


Pull back on your physical or athletic stuff And find a activity level that your body can Handle. Listen to your body when it sends Pain or fatigue or other warnings. Taking Care of your body should out weigh any Sports agendas or goals or competition Bs.