Will only having 4 hours of sleep each day affect your health?

Will it?


Yes. It's called sleep deprivation. It causes Depression and other mental and physical Problems. It Even affects your heart and Other organs. 8 hours of sleep should be One of your priorities. Make sure it happens.

Felony Jayne

Depends on your age. Yes, it will affect your brain and make it harder for you to process information, make decisions, think rationally. But if you're young your body won't have as hard of a time adapting as an older person

Eugene Lynch

It can also raise blood pressure.


No, many new Mothers with babies go through this for months, the world over.

Dawn H

Yes. You could get severely sick and it could start a state of depression. It will make you more irritable and in most cases it weakens your immune system.


Yes it will grow wrinkles and make you angry


no it won't