Apparently I have ejaculated after urinating, but I don't know why. What does this mean?

I am very concerned. I went to use the restroom (urinated first, then had a bowel movement). Afterwards when standing over the toilet frontwards again, I see what looks like semen dripping from my male member. So I wipe it and squeeze it so more came out, but I didn't masturbate or anything, so why is this happening? Could it be a disease?


NO, some times due to the pressure given while passing the urine interalia stimulates seminal glands and secretion takes place . IT is common and no need to worry . Regards.

DR + Mrs Bears face

Hi so teenage boys do sometimes produce sperm without masterbation. due to not relieving themselves completely. some see this as a sign they are fertile.


Pressure from your bowel movement, likely had not ejaculated in the last day.

Max Hoopla

You are very confusted.


Probably you are not having sex / masturbating enough. Maybe you should use that "male member|" a bit more. Your bowel movement squeezed your prostate.