Hi, I am a 14.8 year old male standing at 5"7. Dad is 6"3 and mom is 5"6. What height should I be expecting when fully grown?

I have size 10 shoe size in mens (dad is 12). probably about 5 ft tall at 12


Its hard to tell honestly because it varies from person to person. Id say if your 14 currently at 5'7 you'd probably end up around 6'0 POSSIBLY. But once again you may never know for example my dad is 6'5 and my mom is 5'2 and im maxed out here at 5'9, while my cousins father is 6'2 and mom 5'0 and they are both taller than me standing at 6'0. My father is taller than their father and mom is taller than their mom yet they are my age and taller than i am. SO you just never really know. Growing up i towered over them up until we were around 19-20 then it just all changed

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it would be a guess


No way to tell, if your dad grew fast later you may as well. But already nearly 15 so unless he was later in growth don't expect a lot.

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you should grow to be around the same height as your dad or a little more, I had a size 10 shoe and grew to be 6' 2", my dad was about 5'10" and my mother 5'2" you can grow up until around 18 years of age.