How can I calm myself down ?

I waisted money on a CD I got me a Queen CD this weekend it's not even them most songs are but it like a tribute album to them they have other people singing. I'm so pissed off I waisted 6 dollars on an album for only 3 songs because the rest have a ******* symphony singing it and the rest of the songs including my most favorite song completely waist. I got one of my other favorites but it's not even them singing I'm so ticked off. I guess I should have payed more attention to the album and gotten the other I may not have had all my favorite songs on the other one but half of them anyway I'm getting that one next time I go back to Walmart but I'm not taking this one back it's Queen ain't no way I'm giving a Queen album back it's the only one I got. I don't get why I waisted money for only 3 songs they don't even sing on it when I could have downloaded half of the songs they do sing on iTunes for 15 or 10 $. How can I calm myself down ? Should I send the album back or not I already opened it and downloaded the 3 songs ? Can I sue Queen for this.


Likely Queen didn't have anything to do with making the CD. Likely some company thought if we have a great looking cover on the CD people will think they are buying a true Queen recording. It was a clever marketing ploy and you got caught. Likely you could only return it and expect your money back if the CD claims to be Queen themselves singing, but likely you will find somewhere it will say that it is music and songs of queen. Read the whole cover carefully and see if it claims to be queen actually singing as if it actually says it is Queen singing their songs then you have the right to return it and say this is not what the cover says it is. All you can do is learn from this about marketing. Many marketers misrepresent their products but carefully word the labels to fool buyers into believing they are getting better than they really are. Used car salesmen are the worse and can make a worn out old car sound like a Ferrari and suck many first car buyers in. Take dad or an experienced adult (do not take your teenage friends) with you when you buy your first car or the salesman will sell you a heap of junk.

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bender_xr217: This is the CD you really want/need. https

This is the CD you really want/need.


You know what I would do I would just snap the damn CD in half and put it back in the box and send it back and say it arrived to me in this condition when I open the box it was like that but before I do that I would slide it into my PC copy the whole album and then break it in half how about that and demand a full refund and make sure you used PayPal at least you would get a full refund with no argument


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