I’m 15 year old penis seize?

my penis is about 3 inches flaccid and erect it’s about 4”5 inches I’m not very satisfied with it will it grow bigger is that small for my age I just turned 15 3months ago?

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it would be a guess


Depends when you started puberty. Yes, it might still be growing. Maybe you should "seize" it and give it some exercise.


You are only 15.The puberty years are from 13 to 18 years.Hence there are three more years of growth for you.When you complete 18 years you will definitely have a cock about 5.5 to 6 inches which is just above average size.Hence relax and enjoy.Regards.

Max Hoopla

You are old for a penis seize.


Yes. It's possible that it will grow. Usually the penis keeps getting bigger until we're about 18 or so. It won't double in size [sorry!] but it might be an inch longer by the time your 18. Maybe not. But maybe.