Is it normal that my husband can only ejaculate with me using my hands (both hands ) and not my vagina?



He may be desensitized especially if he goes and goes for 20 minutes or more. Can make the penis kinda numb. Might try changing positions frequently and see if that helps.

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Hi yes but over time he will be more comfortable with you and want to do it in your vagina.


No. It sounds like he masturbates too much and too vigorously. He has conditioned his penis to only respond to intense pressure. He needs to lay off all contact with his penis for at least 2 weeks, then try to have intercourse.

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He does not want to be a tather.

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he is conditioned to masterbating


Maybe your vagina don't stimulate him enough. Maybe she is too lubricated or too large for him.


No = but you don't give any details of his technique or whether he is circumcised which may have a bearing. It could be lack of experience or even a mental block. A sex therapist might be able to help.


Far from it however it is more likely his own fault and not yours. Though it could also be a numerous amount of things that even he has no control over like poor nerve response or any number of things However seeing a doctor about this or a sex therapist will go a very long way to solving this as it could be a mental thing or a health related issue


This happens sometimes when the man is circumcised, due to the loss of so much erogenous tissue.