Penis tip has been hurting for the past 3 of weeks after running in boxers. Is this typical, should I be concerned? Should it be healed now?



sounds like a chafing issue. If its only happening after you go for a run then try different underwear. If it happens anytime you work up a sweat down there then go see a doctor as it could be an infection or abrasion inside the penile tract


Most likely your boxers are rubbing against your penls head. It’s just irritated. Maybe convert to briefs


You probably don't have a foreskin for protection.


It could very well be the boxers, did you wash them BEFORE you put them on? anywho try switching ti briefs or boxer breifs. It may help alot or it at least helped me alot. I use to have a similar problem with boxers but usually it would just make me feel very uncomfortable and sometimes a tad bit swore when it rubs against it alot when i use to play sports


You have check with specialist