Why should men avoid showing their toes?

Spring time is coming around and I wanna know the big stigma behind men showing their toes? I don’t wear flip flops, but I typically wear a sports slide without socks cause well, I’m a grown man, it’s hot, and socks with slides or sandals just look...odd.


As long as your feet are clean and the nails are trimmed, wear what's comfortable.


There's a stigma attached to men showing their toes? Really? Florida must be exempt. Never heard of such a thing. Toes that are poorly cared for are super nasty looking and nobody wants to see grody nasty toes. But if your toes are cleanly and well groomed, why would it be taboo to show them? Sounds like one of those "If you wear yellow on Thursdays, you must have cooties" things from grade school.


Wear your slide sandals without socks. Just make sure your feet are well taken care of by having your toenails trimmed and your feet are clean.