Do i need to see a doctor for concussions?

I have a history of self inflicted punches to my head and i still do it. I’m not looking for judgement, i’m just looking for help or advice because I have been noticing negative effects for the past months. I have HORRIBLE memory and I stutter so much and I have a hard time controlling the speed of my speech. I daze out SO much and nearly every time have to ask someone to repeat what they are saying. I don’t remember much of what i have done in a day or what i did last week and I have just gotten used to it. lmao am i dying? it’s just whenever i get angry or upset i hit myself really hard and i automatically forget what was going on most of the time bc i hit so hard. i have bad mental health... so that’s why. It’s been going on for about 6 months now


Yes, it sounds like you need to see a neurologist to find out whether you've caused yourself brain damage by all these punches to the head. Concussions are usually accompanied by headaches, I think, so you may not have been causing concussions, but blows to the head can cause damage. You might also consider seeing a psychiatrist to figure out why you feel the need to hurt yourself like that.