Hi help please smoked marijuana and began some strange things.Now tell?



Placebo Effect. You think you should be high, from listening to the government propaganda. M-J is NOT LSD.


So what is your QUESTION ? OK, you found out that marijuana f*cks up your brain. Congratulations. It sounds as if you are f*cked up enough already. STOP SMOKING NOW.




I just smoked a lot I just want to say sample then in about 2 minutes I felt a slow euphoria which went from head to toe (like warm water) then he stood up and realized that fly away from the body when I realized that all is well and this is due to the fact that a smoke I went and lay down on the sofa again, and the flight from the body and nerotal and I realized that if I get scared will fall into a bad trip and I told him udasa I lay there and feel as consciousness left me + in the end I felt a panic attack after which he apparently lost consciousness. I was just unconscious for a while, and when I woke up, it was the most interesting part. I Wake up looking around the room and do not understand what it was, it was a feeling that my life was not and that I always turned his head in his room. it was cycle. I got into an endless cycle, I feel that my body is lying and that the heart is pounding very quickly, it knocks because it never knocked like it's a jackhammer. but move I could not I understood that like I'm lying and the why the is reproduced and so if I in dream, I not felt as I move my head but I saw its clearly! I was closed in my mind I even forgot I SMOKED! me seemed that me never was that all of this was my nightmare that life there is no and not will that there is only this endless cycle where I'm spinning head and all. then it seemed to me that my goal in life is to live to smoke the damn drug and die I was sure that I died and this is hell. hell is eternal torment cycle. I get up, I turn my head, and all over again and so on infinity and I knew that I still had eternity to twist so and this is the truth. I thought I was the universe. Help please, that this was? Have you ever had this, I want to say that I had problems of a psychological nature (not mental!), but after this shock, they were sharpened and brought me to DP / DR( I'm very afraid that it was spices, but the grass looked like an ordinary Bush, smelled like grass, too, the usual cut lump, her friends smoke with me and they had no such effects! They stoned me uspakaivaetsya from my troubles of the trip) by the way, when is the "infinite loop ended", I thought he was not so terrible, but the rest of the time I felt fear I survived it, my thoughts were clear, visual hallucinations, but still afraid that it was a spice! But I do not want to believe it because I saw on the Internet messages from people who experienced similar under marijuana. Please tell me the guy from Russia will be restored and whether such an effect from marijuana? P. S before that he smoked hashish a weak 6 months (rare) and a little bit of grass, affco did not exist) I'm honest, but when I tried using a hookah pipe it was special. I was a novice, if that).