How to start therapy?

I know this sounds like a dumb question but I’m really nervous so any help and explaining how you started therapy would be so helpful. I known I had issues throughout childhood and told myself I will reach out when I’m a legal adult (out of fear for parents thinking differently of me.) I’m 19 now and although I understand depression and haven’t felt suicidal in the past 2 years (also told myself I’d wait until I was 18 to kill myself, lmao) my anxiety has been getting worse since my childhood and it’s very inconvenient. With being a full time student and attempting 30 hours at work Ive been getting anxiety attacks that last way to long and come just about everyday now. Because I’ve waited to long I’m so afraid of attempting to get started and if I’m going to make a fool out of myself. Even if stupid anxiety is worthy of talking to someone with, there’s so much worse in life to be dealing with. Anyway, if anyone could explain to me how they got started it and if it helps bring new perspectives to dealing with anxiety, it would seriously help me out!


Slow, deep breathing will help ease the anxiety of panic attacks. Therapy helps you understand the roots of your depression and anxiety. Sometimes depression and anxiety are not caused by trauma or dysfunctional families; sometimes they are caused by faulty brain chemistry. If that is the case, then the right medication can make a huge difference. If anxiety is interferring with your life (and it sounds like it is), then the smart thing to do is get treatment for it.