Is it OK to cry in front of your girlfriend ?

Ok do you probably read my profile on here if you don't believe me that's fine but I'm really pissed off because people keep saying bad stuff about my good friend Freddie Mercury they say stuff like his death was a hoax for once that he's still alive hiding somewhere he's not even if he was he wouldn't hide from society that's not him. Also if Freddie were still around he would have changed the world like he would have stopped 9/11 or it wouldn't have happened or he could have cured Michael Jackson or stopped Sandy Hook people keep telling me that the world would be different if he hadn't died. I can't believe that people would say such a thing even some who are the biggest fans of us would say that. I'm so sick of hearing about it it even makes Roger mad and upset too but you know him he's always has had a short temper. He has to think everything is a metaphor when really it's not. Is it OK to cry in front of her ? Why are people saying these things ?



Pearl L

yes, thats what girlfriends are for