My mom puts everything in her mouth and it's gross...?

Usually it's babies who put everything in their mouths but my mom will put anything in her mouth just all the time like, pencils, cards, paintbrushes, my baby nephew's hands... she also makes sounds like sucks on them and it's so gross and when I told her she just said it's just what she does and my dad agreed so like.. do i just deal with it or.. its gross and unsanitary in my opinion but she doesn't care so what should I do? This isn't an update but I'm just adding in the details of the (question)


Did she have a stroke or brain injury in the past?


It sounds like she has some sort of mental condition/disorder. Post this in the mental health section and someone might know exactly what it is.


Probably an Irish or Scottish American mother


Tell her about the microbes having access to her gut health. Not good!!