Social anxiety, no college, job help!?

I have social anxiety, my mom did not let me go to college because she thinks I won’t make it. Right now I’m doing a job that i don’t like and not making enough of money as well. I have no where to go, and may end up in poverty someday :( My mom told the whole family I am useless and hopeless. I also have selective mutism, I can’t talk to anyone as well and gets anxiety from it. Any advice for career while I have social anxiety?

real estate guy

Are you working with a doctor to get this under control? You can do online classes? What do you like to do? What are you good at. This is the first place to start.


First off, get help for your anxiety before focusing on career choices. You need to get the anxiety under control before making big changes in your life. If you can, talk therapy is your best next step. Also, there are really good books out there about handling anxiety. Go to an online bookstore and get a couple with high reader ratings.


Same boat

Oh Boy!

See a therapist.