Tegretol and Celexa?

Was wondering if the combo of celexa and Tegretol was ok, doc prescribed and not sure if either one of them work or would it take months to see improvement of bipolar and anxiety?

Anonymous: Here is the info on Tegretol: https

Here is the info on Tegretol: https://www.rxlist.com/tegretol-side-effects-drug-center.htm It's basically an anti-seizure drug. Why are you taking it? Some years ago I had Bells Palsy (or so the Physician thought) and he put me on Tegretol. I developed depression within days. I would ask your Doctor and your Pharmacist about interactions and side effects. My husband is a Pharmacist. He is mandated to call the Doctor if there are dangerous known side effects from the combination. Ask the Pharmacist.


assuming you get them filled at the same pharmacy, the pharmacist would know, it fact, their computers should be set up to flag conflicting medications and alert the pharmacist. docs are often unaware of interactions...the pharmacist in the expert on this. there are drug interaction checkers online. you can look one up, but if you get them both from the same pharmacy and they didn't flag it, it should be fine.

Max Hoopla

Ask the pharmacist.


your doctor wouldn't of prescribed it if they believe it wouldn't work