What is Mental Illness?? I am scared that I have it.?

I have sickness in the head and it won’t go away until I take my medication but it comes back. Do you have it? Is it Psychological sickness?? How does it go away? And why does it come back? Can Anxiety cause sickness in your head? I am scared.


If you take meds and you're not sick, then you're not sick! Mental illness is extremely rare. Most people don't have mental illness, they are simply trying to improve the mental health. If you are functional (go to school, work, do hobbies, have okay hygiene, try to get along with others, etc.), then you are not ill, but you might have too much anxiety and want to improve your mental health.


You focus on negatives to much!! Take things day by day, focus on ONLY things you can change and stop worrying about others people lives I was in your shoes 9 years ago, I was afraid, could not do anything. I found God and took things day to day, I am a different person now, I love life and do not worry about things that are out of my hands

Winter 2015

Pray! Prayer is the most powerful thing you can do for any problem that you have. I have experience with Mental illness and it is when you don't think rationally.


Its a fad teenagers have to attract attention---move on and get a life


Mental illness is a very vague term. There are so many different kinds. What it is, is basically exactly how it sounds. A behavior that impairs daily functioning. I don't know what kind you have, for all I know you could have something from bipolar to schizophrenia. I suggest you go see a psychiatrist instead of asking armchair experts on Y!A.