Biofinity Coopervision contacts?

I've tried those contacts and they suck. It doesn't matter how clean the contacts are, they still feel grainy or burn my eyes. A few ripped easily. It also made my eyeballs feel like the desert. The worst contacts ever. Can anyone recommend a brand that doesn't cause any of those problems and is comfortable to wear for 8+ hours. Thanks. Apparently I'm not the only one. If you read the reviews online, you will notice other people have the same exact problem as I do.

David E

For most people, Biofinity lenses are a great choice. I think more of my patients wear them than any others. If they are not working for you, it seems pretty unlikely that some other brand recommended by a stranger on the internet is going to work better for you. You need to be working with a local optometrist who has a large selection of trials in his office. He can look at how the lens is performing and give you other lenses to try.

Steve P

As David E said, no one here can tell you what will work for you. That is ridiculous. That is why you work with your doctor and test different lenses. C'mon, use some common sense.


That is REALLY surprising to hear . Biofinity has been the most problem free lens available for a few years now. That is almost the only brand I fit because they are so problem free. You are the 1 in 1000 with problems. I've never even heard of any of them ripping. Being as your Doc has Biofinity , ask them about trials in the newest Cooper lens called Sapphire....they are another excellent lens that I have had no problems with at all. Those lenses don't seem to work for you but they work perfectly for 98% of everyone else who tries them. The lenses don't " suck " YOU are the exception.