Can having anxiety problems and ocd cause sight problems?

I have been picking my skin since 12. Sometimes I did not do it, sometimes I made it really bad. My vision is -3 and -4, noy increasing since 19 years old. I have often blamed my habits for my myopia. Dad has -1,5 since he was young but he lived always outside and was fisherman so he was hardly ever inside. He made another type of life (no pc, phone , always hanging out with friends or playing outside). Has my skin picking affected my myopia? I still pick my skin but since 5 years it hasn't increased. I am often stressed. My doctor (for eyes) said that the eyes grows with the teenage years and has nothing to do with skin picking (I have a complusive disorder so I do it really often). It's like your height, you cannot control it.


No your sight is set at birth, you will either need glasses or not. Your skin has nothing to do with your optic nerve or retina. You are Neurotic.


Try meditate and do good deeds a lot.