Dear foureyes people, you're wearing eyeglasses w/ prescriptions not sunglasses so what do you do when driving &the sunlight is very bright?


David E: Here are the options

Here are the options: 1. Tough it out and move your visors into place. Advantage: Cheap Disadvantage: Not very effective 2. Get some kind of fit over sunglasses Advantage: relatively cheap Disadvantage: Bulky unattractive and sometimes uncomfortable 3. Get Transitions Extra Active lenses in your glasses. Advantage: gives you sunglasses without any effort on your part. Disadvantage: Have to wait until next pair of glasses to get them. Don't get terribly dark in your car. Don't get completely clear 4. Get a magnetic clip Advantage: Look good and are light weight. Disadvantage: Relatively expensive and hard to keep up with. Have to wait until you get new glasses. 5. Prescription sunglasses Advantage: You can use a unique style well suited for sunglasses. Disadvantage: probably the most expensive option. Have to keep up with them.


Prescription sunglasses. Work just fine.


Maybe squinting would help.


I'm 3 eyes