Do I have a lot of yellow in my eyes for a human?

Yes, I'm human. Yes, thats my natural eye color.

magic kid

Guys, guys! I'm feeling a little insecure, and I need a few randomers online to notice me and give me some attention, and maybe a few compliments. Hey look I a have semi rare photogenic Iris, Obviously in real life its probably one of the first things people notice about me, and say "oh wow you have really amazing eyes." Since I am a basic girl, I always need attention, sometimes real people are not enough, and I want to scrounge up a few more compliments before I go to bed. So guys.. Tell me how unique my eyes are. KTHNXBAI (assuming post is real)


I am a human and my eye is not as yellow as yours. I have attached a picture of my eye if it were yellow. Hope this helps


So you have green eyes...roughly 3% of humans have green eyes. I have green eyes. Goodnight now!


no you don't