Does vision get worse due to electronics?

I'm a tenth grader (girl) in high school. I got glasses in 8th grade and I just needed it to see the board. but each year it has been getting worse. Last year was fine, I just needed it for the board, but this year it completely changed. People from short distances are now blurry, I can't see anything on the board, it just got so much worse. And here are my reasons as to why: i've been using a laptop every single day in school for all my classes except math. I use my phone a lot. I never really take breaks from looking at my laptop. My brother has contacts but like i dont know why its getting worse. Is my retina being damaged due to my laptop? I get extremely stressed out due to school work and homework so is that why it got worse? Does it get better as I grow older? And yes I am going to an eye doctor soon but I just wanted to see what you guys think from hearing this. Thanks.


Our vision changes throughout our lives. It tends to stabilize in the mid 20s. There are many rumors about electronics causing focus problems with our eyes. Fact is, people were needing glasses long before computers existed.