Eye surgery for a 18 y/o boy.?

Changing eye shape


Why would you do that? You haven't even fully developed your brain or identity yet there's no need to change your eye shape. You're too young, not to mention it's unnecessary since every eye shape can be beautiful in it's own right. I would say no even to someone who's fully mature but if you still want to change yourself in a few years time then whatever but it's unnecessary. P.S. I have Body Dysmorphia and used to dream about getting plastic surgery as a kid and teenager. I'm 24 now, so glad I never did I'm happy with the way I look anymore. I still have those days where I feel like a troll but I'm glad I was never able to ruin myself. I'm not against cosmetic surgery but it needs to be heavily considered by a fully mature adult, please wait a few more years at least. 18 is an adult but your brain is still developing, you'll see things differently as life goes on.


Don’t be so shallow


Let me guess-- you're Asian.

Mike G





It will not make him Chinese.

I know everything

Don’t be afraid. Eye Surgeons are extremely good and they know what they’re doing. Just follow their directions exactly and you will forget it soon enough.