I need help understanding my eye prescription?

here is how it reads RT: Sphere +0.25 Cylinder -0.25 Axis 080 LT: Sphere -0.25 Cylinder SPH.

David E

If this is all that there is to your prescription, you probably do not need glasses. Virtually everyone out there who is doing fine without glasses would end up with a prescription like this one. In your right eye, you have the smallest amount of astigmatism possible to prescribe. In your left eye, you have the smallest amount of myopia that is possible to prescribe for. If you had glasses made and them on, you might notice that things were slightly clearer at distance if you paid extremely close attention to the details.


Eye prescription is the most unique concept to change the eye color. Eye doctors write prescriptions this way because when they face you, they see your right eye on their left (first) and your left eye on their right (second).