If I go to the eye doctor with any complaints about my contacts will they automatically switch me to daily contacts?

My doctor has been pushing daily contacts the past couple of years but I’ve always been happy in the monthly contacts as I’ve worn these since I started wearing contacts over 15 years ago. I’ve noticed my allergies bothering me with itching recently and this morning my eye was slightly red. If I go get them checked will he use that as an excuse to switch me to daily ones?

David E

It seems pretty likely since he is a big dailies fan and the symptoms that you are experiencing are ones that daily replacement lenses may solve. There are other options. You can change your contact lens care system. Clear Care is generally considered the least likely to cause allergy symptoms. You just have to follow instructions exactly including using the special case included. You could use an anti-allergy drop. Zaditor used to be prescription but is now available over the counter. You could try a different monthly, bi-weekly or weekly replacement lens but you would need your doctor's cooperation for that.

Steve P

Maybe yes, maybe no. Let me say this. I wore contacts from 1975 until about 2012 when I had to stop due to issues with glaucoma. In the beginning with soft contacts in the early 70's, there was no such thing as extended wear lenses. Soft contacts required being taken out everyday, rinsed in saline solution that you had to make yourself with salt tablets and distilled water, then they had to be put in an electric sterilization unit. Once a week you also had to use an enzyme cleaner on them. They cost ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS a pair and you would be very lucky to get a year from them before needing replacement. So compare that to now when a daily wear can be a lens you simply toss away and put in a new one the next day, at a fraction of the cost of original soft contacts. Things have improved dramatically. When the extended wear contacts became available, I went to them immediately. Everything was fine with them... for a while. After years of using them with no problem, like a thief in the night, I got a very severe eye infection. I had to stay home for two days and put drops in the infected eye around the clock every 4 hours. Even after the infection was better, I could not wear contacts again for a month. Your eyes NEED TO BREATHE, and contacts naturally absorb bacteria. You are ALWAYS running a higher risk with problems when you use extended wear contacts. Allergy problems may make the matter even worse, I'm not sure about that, but for the safety of your eyes, it is simply a MUCH MUCH better idea to remove contacts every day instead of keeping them in for long periods of time... even if they are supposedly "made for that" and supposed to be safe. My suggestion to you is to get onto the daily wear lenses regardless of any allergy problem. Your doctor is giving you the RIGHT advice. No doubt he has seen people with problems from wearing contacts too long. In my opinion, "extended wear" contacts should be no longer made or sold.