My eyes are dark blue but I have a gold ring around the pupil. Will the gold go away?

My dad's eyes are hazel (brown and green) and my moms are a really pretty grey-teal color like my brothers. I know its something genetic and all that but its a lot of goldish yellow coloring. My eyesight is fine, its never been a problem before, but it looks weird. We had to take pictures of our eyes for a class and it is a neat picture close up (the blue is a little lighter then that in real life but the yellow is still there!). The color gets on my nerves day-to-day when I'm doing my makeup or taking pictures, I would rather they just be dark blue. Will it fade as I get older? Why are they like this?



Pearl L

if its just genetic and not affecting your vision i wouldnt worry about it


Those are just about the most beautiful, mesmerizing eyes I have ever seen. And you complain with a unique set of eyes like that ?