Ordered -3.25 prescribed contacts will i be able to see ?

I ordered contacts off ttdeye & i use to prescription -3.25 I'm nearsighted i can see things unless I'm really close my doctors didn't send me my prescription so you think Will i be ok ? will i be able to see out of them

Barry A

There is a very good chance that you can mess up your eyes. You need a doctor's prescription for contact lenses, and it is very different than eyeglass prescriptions.

David E

It's likely that -3.25 is not the correct power for you. If your prescription is higher that -3.25, you will see clearer with the contacts but not as clearly as you are capable of seeing. If your prescription is lower than -3.25, your eyes will have to work harder to see than they should have to.


A proper contact lens prescription includes details of the “base curve” measurement (the radius of your cornea) and the lens diameter. It also specifies the lens make and model as all lenses need a trial sample to check that they suit your eyes. If you have astigmatism then the prescription can also include the cylindrical correction and the axis angle. The dioptre power also can be slightly different to those used for your glasses. The lenses you have ordered might work. There’s also a high chance that you will find them to be uncomfortable which causes irritation and can cause damage to the surface of your eyes or even lead to infection. Badly fitting lenses also can easily pop off your eye when you blink.