The best way to make brown eyes to blue?

Look I know my eyes are brown and when I look in the sun they look yellow I heard they could change color by age how much is the surgery from brown to blue eyes I heard its $5,000 USD I have a caucasian ethnicity how much is it by states in the US?

David E

Ask Crystal Gayle.

Steve P

You will have to do the research yourself, but a few years ago there was a report that stated that ALL people have blue eyes. It said it is a pigment that causes the blue to be covered and make the eyes brown, ... and there was a procedure being tested in Europe that could remove the pigment with no harm to the eye to reveal the blue color under the pigment. I have not heard anymore about this, but you may want to try doing some research about it.


Pick your parents carefully.


You can't, unless you wear coloured lenses.


Marry someone with blue eyes. Your child may.