Do Pro-Choice supporters truly value the lives of their children and the children of others?

Apparently not.


I value the lives of children once they are born which is one reason I am pro-choice. I was born to parents who should not have had kids but my mom was pro-life and would never get an abortion even though she wasn't ready to have kids at that time. The result? I was abused. I didn't get to have a childhood. Damage was done that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. You also have to consider why women want abortions. Maybe they were raped, would die if they carry to term, are in an abusive relationship with a man who wants her to have a baby but she doesn't (and is then forced to get pregnant), maybe the baby will have a health issues, maybe the parent/s cant afford a baby, what if the mother is addicted to drugs etc.These things not only effect the mother but the child as well in many cases. The quality of life for the child needs to be considered but people who are pro-life don't consider that. The other thing that pisses me off is a lot of pro-life people don't care about a baby once its born. Women are looked down upon for being on welfare or not being able to afford a baby. You want fewer abortions? Support women. Make it easier to have a baby. Also make it easier to get birth control. And for ***** sake teach people safe sex. None of that abstinence **** that doesn't really work and leads to more unwanted pregnancies.


Yes, as somebody who is pro-choice, I can say that we do. It’s not that pro-choice people don’t value the lives of children, it’s that we value the option of choice for what somebody who is biological female gets to do with their body. If somebody doesn’t want to give birth, or can’t support the child, it’s their body and life, and we value giving them the option of doing what they want with it. Not sure if this is exactly the explanation you’re looking for, but it’s the best I could do for now :)


Yes, they also value the life and rights of mothers as being more than just baby making machines.


Yeah lol we just want the space to be able to take care of what’s here already and the planned ones. The world is only so big. And has so many resources. Population is rising rapidly. Also if you’re a blueberry you won’t know just sayin. Birth control in the first place is the answer ugh that’s a whole other convo though. But quality over quantity and then have them live in a Shitty dying world as we all watch it go down and sink with it in pain as nature takes over. Doomsday clock is set 2 minutes to midnight also just sayin..look at all the people who decide that how intelligent and aware they are. Many many scientist, political effects etc


I don't know