If fiber helps constipation, why do doctors tell you to eat pumpkin (with lots of fiber) when you have diarreah?

It doesn't make sense. It seems like it would make the diarreah worse.


Fiber does not make food go through the digestive tract quicker. What it does is create bulk so that the digested food can bind together and pass through smoothly. So for diarrhea, rather than turning the poo into a liquid it will become more solid. For constipated people, it will make the very hard liquid into a slightly softer solid (because fiber binds to water).

Gordon B

Fibre can also absorb water making things more solid.


They DON'T. That's a remedy *for dogs*, not humans. Doctors advise patients with diarrhea to avoid solid foods. And in cases of mild diarrhea, you should try eating a banana, bread or rice.

k w

thankyou for the proof, if that's true, that quacks know drugs, not health.......one would have to detox the gut first then boost the immune system......not hard to do, .........


Its likeantifreez, it helps cool your engine but it also keeps it from freezing


They don't tell you that.