I'm 25 but I look 13 what should I do?

I'm 25 years old, 26 in May and I still look very young, I am 4'11, I weigh 110, I also have a round face which makes me look even younger. I can seriously pass as a 13 year old, I still get carded in stores for things. Can someone be wrong with me? should I go to the doctor?


do nothing and be happy you look younger rather than older


Take up heavy smoking and drinking


Youre a real life loli holy mother of god theyre real

Jerry S

be glad, when you are older you will be happy you are young looking.


If you maintain your youthful appearance and body weight, you will be thrilled when you reach 30 while other women may be heavy or plump. Usually when you visit a doctor's office, you will be asked to give a sample of your blood to test the 40-plus components in blood that alert a doctor you need medical advice.Young women can lose too much Iron during their monthly menses that makes their limbs feel cold. B-vitamins number about 8, and Vitamin B-6, B-12 and folate are important vitamins to keep you healthy. I know about looking younger that your actual age. I was almost pretty in my 30s, and I was frequently mistaken as being younger. I did not visit a doctor's office for 25 years, and I wondered why I never became ill. I even took a treadmill-test to confirm I did not seem to have any medical problems. Buy shoe lifts that are wedge-shaped and place in shoes to elevate your height one or two inches. You will immediately feel your personality improves that keep you happy. Buy shoe lifts online for $15-$20. Go to Google to see examples of shoe lifts. You probably can wear a 2-inch shoe lift without too many people notice you seem taller. harrald


not sure if theres nnuch you can do about it, inn at least twice as old as you and look 13, inn 4ft5




enjoy it while you can, when you get older and look older you will miss the good old days


Apply to the police department, become an undercover narc, and redo high school just killing it because now you know so much more.


Not much, you may prefer it like that when you are older.


It doesn't matter. Find something worth doing.