What do my test results mean? More importantly WHAT IS REAGENT LOT#?

I’m trying to figure out what “REAGANT LOT #” means? My past test was Reagent Lot # 5090083 This time.. Reagent Lot # hcg8060018 Im trying to figure out if “reagent lot” means anything for my test results. When I pulled up my test results online (notified via email) an option to look at past test results was available and my curiousity got the best of me. It was listed under “your value” so I wonder if this number does have a value, and why they may differ. I’m aware that this may mean absolutely nothing for me, as far as affecting my test results. Still, I’m not comepletly certain. Hence why I’m looking for a little insight on this. Thank you in advance! :)


That's only a processing or tracking number assigned by the lab.


Call your doctor's office on Monday and ask to speak to his nurse. Ask her what that means and if you can get an interpretation of your test results.