Why do women have worst smelling farts than men?

The last time I checked the smell of your farts depend on your diet and I don't think women have a different diet than men.


Probably women do not eat, or eat as much, carbonated drinks and chips as men. Freshly eaten food is mixed with a digestive soup called chyme in the stomach awaiting major digestion in the small intestine(22 feet long when uncoiled). Pre-digested food in the stomach after about 60-90 minutes heads to the small intestine. The next stop is the large intestine, called the colon, where digested food is sent. Complete digestion can take maybe 4-5 hours. Everyone's system is unite and maybe with extra digestive enzymes digest faster or slower. After the colon has done its several jobs, the digested food is sent to the rectum that sends a message to have a bowel movement. Anal sphincters (valves) open when it is time for a bowel movement. If you have gone for several hours and not relieved yourself, the sphincters might leak waste into your underclothes.Methane gas is produced from burning fuel and foul-smelling Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S)is present. When digested food in the rectum is not immediately expelled, trillions of bacteria in the colon cause gases to be formed, and when you fart, foul odors exit the body. About 95% of digestion is odorless until it reaches the rectum. If male or female has not had a bowel movement soon after the rectum is full of waste, each will have foul-smelling farts. I think women know which foods present the most gas and avoid eating the foods or have early bowel movements. harrald

Andy C

So...you ask and then answer your own questions? Ok.


Period farts are the worst.


You haven't met my dad