Am I pregnant?

I lost my virginity on January 19th and we used a condom but then the next day I got my period. It was about 4-5 days which is kinda short for me and it was kinda heavy for the 2 days then pretty light for the rest. But it was a weird period to me so I was kinda worried. And now yesterday I got something that looks like my period and I have cramps but it was only one wipe of blood and now it’s gone. And today I had another wipe of bright red blood and now it’s gone again. Like whenever I wipe I will get a little bit of brown blood on it. It’s now day 3 of the blood but I don’t think it’s my period. I am 16 and extremely scared


You got your period. You are not pregnant. There is not going to be any chance of conception unless A) you were ovulating or B) you had a second unprotected incident happen later on in the month. The fact that you don't seem to grasp how human reproductive biology works is a clear indication that you are not yet ready to be sexually active.