Around what age do girls begin to grow hair on there vagina?



First of all, the "vagina" is an internal organ so it does not grow hair. You probably mean the vulva. Study up on the female groin anatomy at The pubic hairs begin growing when puberty begins. There is no way to closely predict when that will happen for a particular individual because it is determined by genetics, overall health, diet, and similar factors. For most young ladies, it begins between ages 10 and 15, which is a few years younger than most males. See


I was 6. My best friend was 13. It depends


Puberty is about 9-13 it's different for every girl but should start within that time frame. Typically around 11-12 is most common for hair growth. By the way - "They're" means they are, "Their" refers to two or more people, "There" is a place. The more you know.


around ages 10-13

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age of puberty