Birth control issues ?

I have been on the pill monessa for going on 1 year . I never had any issues up until now . My menstrual cycle ended 10 days ago and now I am bleeding again ! (I made an appointment with a doctor but the appointment is so far from now . ) question 1 : should I keep taking my active pills and finish out the pack even though I am bleeding ? Or should I stop taking them until I’m done bleeding ? Question 2 : what causes this ? * I started bleeding from after I missed one pill )


Keep taking the pills. It's a breakthrough bleed which is normal when you skip a pill.

monika J

Keep continue the pills as usual, you will be o.k. in your next cycle. It was a break through bleeding which happen some times.


Breakthrough bleeding means the hormones are too low. You need a stronger brand. Keep taking them until you see your Doctor.