Confused about when I'll miss my period?

My husband got me confused now, which I know I shouldnt listen to him because he is a man and I'm the woman but it got me thinking. Back in Decemeber I'd say around the 26/27 he ejacualted inside of me. My ovulation window was from the 18th to 26th, and my true ovulation day was the 24th. I haven't gotten my period yet for February. I'm two days late, which some months I'm like 3 to 5 days late. Always. Hes telling me I would miss my period for February. I said no, I would have missed it for January. I told him later I would buy a test and take it tomorrow morning if I dont get my period. But is he correct or am I? Like I said I'm all confused now. I would have missed it for January right?


You are correct. If you had a period in January you are not pregnant from sex at Christmas.


If you got your January period, you are not pregnant. But since you are clearly wanting to BE pregnant, you presumably have had sex i January as well, yes? So if you missed your February period, you could be pregnant.


If you got pregnant on December 26-27 you should have missed your period around January 5-10 based on your ovulation date. If you had that period you should not be pregnant and are probably just late on this period. You say your period varies as much as 5 days normally, so ...


And how have you pinpointed ovulation




There is no one size fits all. You may have a period the entire pregnancy or have your next period but skip the others. Normally you would have your next period but it would be very light and spotty.