How come it seems out of every month I have one week where I’m happy but the rest is unhappy depressed angry at everything, then my period?

It seems every single month I only have one week where I’m “on top of the world” feeling. I’m happy, nothing bothers me and all that. But then soon after I started getting irritated at EVERYTHING and start getting soooo stressed and depressed over everything and act like everything is horrible and wrong and I want to kill myself. Then my period comes eventually but it seems to be late every month(I’m not pregnant obviously) but during my period, it’s super heavy like the first two days and then it gets lighter. Last about normal amount of days like five days. Then after my period, I am either still in a bad state or I go to being REALLY happy. What’s wrong with me? Are my hormones messed up? I’m 26 years old.


There is too many variables. I would seek a physical and mental doctor. It could be hormones or bipolar.

Andy C

Probably your hormones are messed up, but that's another story (but COULD BE the cause of your problem. ) It could be that you have PMDD and bipolar disorder. Your hormones are messed up bc of your diet. For instance, you think sugar is food.

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PMS isnt pleasant