Virgin or not?

I was told that a hymen is what usually determines if a woman is still a virgin or not when a penis enters a woman’s vagina the hymen tears thus the bleeding but I was also told that the hymen can break when a woman is active (like into sports) in her teen years. So basically her hymen is no longer in tact and scientifically she’s no longer a virgin but religiously she is (?) I just want ya’lls opinion


the Hymen is NOT your virginity- that is Old myths You are a virgin Until you have Sex with another Person- it is that simple get the Facts for yourself

xoxoluv19 ❤

in my opinion, as long as she's never had vaginal sex, which is classified as a penis penetrating a vagina, she's still a virgin. even though an in-tact hymen can prove that a woman is still a virgin, just because her hymen broke doesn't necessarily mean she lost her virginity, since like you said, the hymen can break from other things such as putting in a tampon, sports or an injury.

Gordon B

Tericky, presence of a hymen would be a definite proof of virginity. lack of a hymen would mean taking the women's word that they are a virgin which is no different to a man where there is no real possible physical proof. to me it doesn't matter really in the grand scheme of things. Riding a bike can remove the hymen, to me having no hymen is just as good evidence of bike riding as sex.-


Some women don’t even have a hymen to begin with. Hymens have NOTHING to do with virginity. Being a virgin is just a term for someone who hasn’t had sex.


You are partly right. Hymen can be broken doing sport etc or putting something in there. often in a virgin it does break the first time a woman has sex. If there has not been a penis in her vagina she is a virgin