Ajax or Comet in my white laundry ?

I find bleach puts holes in my clothes so figured since Ajax and Comet is powered bleach would work better.

heart o' gold

Nope. The bleach is burning holes in your clothing because you are putting it directly on the clothing. If you look carefully at your washer and washer instructions you’ll find a special recepticle to use bleach and it should be added once the washer is full of water. You can mimic this by letting the washer fill up and putting your cup of bleach into a two quart container of water to dilute it, then pouring it into the washer full of water. Bleach is really hard on fabric, especially things with Lycra. I use it mostly for towels, sheets, bathrobes, etc. To get more delicate shirts, undergarments that are light colored very very bright I use oxyclean or non clorine bleach. Ajax and Comet have abrasives in them that will get stuck in the fabric and probably irritate your skin when you wear the garment.

Spock (rhp)

use OxyClean or other non-chlorine bleach instead. The best method is to put it in with your detergent according to directions, allow three or so minutes of agitation, and then stop the machine [while still full of soapy water] for 30 to 60 minutes -- this allows the slower working oxygen bleach to become effective. no holes in clothes and safe for most colored clothes as well


why not use Biz powdered bleach that is designed for laundry


I haven't used bleach in any form for 25 years. I use Baking Soda which whitens and there is no after smell. It is much cheaper also.