Can somebody give me a clarity of miele vacuum cleaner lineups?

Miele sales canister vacuum cleaners that comes in a series of lineups and editions. Miele sales it's series in compact and complete, the complete being bigger. The cheapest mieles are the compact editions which has its tools on a clip at the base of where the hose connects to the vacuum cleaner causing the tools to fall off when vacuuming and moving the hose here and about. They range for about $250 to $315 and can go up to a suction powered beater bar. They recommend these mieles for only a few flat piles of carpet here and there around and about your house and mostly hardwood flooring or ceramic. The miele compact electro is around $599 to $699 and is suitable for people with carpet. The miele complete is a larger size canister that the non carpet models are $699, and the carpet models are $899 to $1500 The miele complete adjusts suction for you when you move to different floor types. There is a specific miele complete that has a soft carpet feature at around $949 While miele says the non carpet models, are made for non carpet, as they don't have a motorized beater bar, but at best a suction powered beater bar that hits the nap of the carpet alongside with a squeegie that runs over the carpet. I don't see any difference. Is this a marketing tactic or are you suppose to go with what miele recommends?


The Miele troll strikes again. Nobody can because nobody cares as much as you.