Favorite laundry detergent?


Kim R

"Tide Simply", in the yellow bottle, because of the nice aroma. 2nd place is Persil. Both clean well.

Spock (rhp)

i intentionally change brands with every purchase. my reasoning is that some brands are slightly better at cleaning one group of things while another brand is better at cleaning a different group of things. by rotating brands, i eventually clean every group. Oddly enough, research into washing laundry shows that much of the cleaning action comes from the agitation process, not the detergent. Run your agitation longer if your machine has a setting that does this and your clothes will be cleaner.


Arm and Hammer Liquid. The scent is not as loud as Tide.

heart o' gold

I always use liquid and always the “free” versions with no dyes or scents.


Personally, I like Persil.