How to balance work and school? I’m gone 12-13 hours per day and have no time to study/eat when I’m out. I come home to the messes my?

Roommate left me so I have to clean to avoid pest issues. I’m just not able to handle it all


So a bachelor does not know how to live without a servant? Go to the grocery store, buy some frozen dinners and some of the precooked ready to serve meals, etc. Between that and take out at restaurants, you should eat good. Buy yourself a couple of trash cans and some garbage bags and trash your trash. You will need a good microwave.


Time to move out. Or have a SERIOUS talk with your roommate.


Cleaning up after your roommate? That's got to be the bottom.

Spock (rhp)

new roommates. even if you have to move. the mere threat may get them to clean up after themselves


Decide where your priorities lie. Cut hours at work and take the bare minimum of credit hours for college.


Schedule and pace yourself. i.e. Laundry Day every Monday, Dust on Tuesdays, Vacuum on Wednesdays... Meal Prep on off days like Saturday or Sunday - saves money, time and can be very healthy (chicken breast and rice for dinner or lunch) Prepare your outfits for each day. - saves on time where you can grab and go Only use one plate and one set of utensils, wash them right after eating - no dirty dishes and less pests Save the grocery small bags and fill them with trash and take them out daily - less pests Do a decent scrubbing of the house once or twice every month focusing on bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Don't forget to schedule an off day where you relax, very important


Don't mess yourself