I can t smell christmas trees?

It s not that I can t smell them per se, but to me they just smell like rotting vegetables. Everyone else says they smell like pine. I can smell pine air fresheners, so I have an idea of what the xmas trees should smell like to others, but to me they just smell like earthy rotting vegetable. This has been every christmas tree I have ever encountered. I am wondering if there are other people like this. I know some people have a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap, maybe this is similar? Let me know if y all have heard of this.

18 gibbs 20

Not all Christmas trees are pines. So they don't all smell like pine air fresheners


Not gonna lie i had a good laugh on this one but just because its a out there question. Alright so basing a smell off something fake like pine air fresheners not the best approach. And earthy rotting vegetable I could actually accept as a description of pine having hiked through quite a number of pine forests but it would be the early stages of rot not late stages which smell entirely different. However I don't think its so much you being different its just your brain has wired the smell differently than other people. Typically when you smell something small particles of the smell reach your nose and bind to receptors and send a signal to your brain which processes it into what you know as a smell. ( very basic description from the old magic school bus tv show for ease of explaining.) So in other words its how your brain has associated the smell. However this can change over time as your brain changes or your exposed to the smells on a more regular basis or say you come across some composting veg that smells horrible that might change how you compare the smells in the future.