Moving because of bedbugs?

Hi, I am moving out of my apartment unit because it is infested with bed bugs. In doing so, I have thrown out all of my furniture. All clothes and material items are secured in trash bags and are being taken to a laundry mat/ dry cleaners before arriving to the new apartment. Is there anything else I should be proactive on? Please send suggestions, I don't want them to follow me!


Have shoes cleaned also. They can get into the part where the soles are glued to the shoe. If they can't go into the wash then you should buy new shoes and toss them. Be sure to shampoo and shower when you get into the apt. and bag your clothes that you wore to get there. Put on new stuff. So sorry you went through this.

The original Peter G

what about the stuff you are actually wearing?


Those bugs are in everything, picture frames, appliances, everything!